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Welcome to Video Production Otzvuk
In continuation of Bulgarian traditions of  Radio Otzvuk, we are offering you our new video line.  Here you will find the magic of Bulgaria and our culture with variety of movies, musical and other video programs. Now you can enjoy variety of very affordable Internet pay-per-view programs at the luxury of your home.  With minimal cost you will have rare opportunity to see our ancient and modern culture.

Q&A regarding movies and other video programs
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What kind of movies we are offering? -  The most popular Bulgarians movies - we are continuing the tradition of Radio Otzvuk to offer only Bulgarians programs, thus to contribute to the process of preserving our ancient culture.
What is Internet Video?- This is specific Internet video format, allowing viewing video streaming over Internet connection
How the Internet video movie can be seen? - After you get your subscription for movie of your choice, you will receive by email your user name and password.  They are valid for 2 to 3 days, depends of the movie; then you can view your movie at the time of your convenience.  You can view with subscription as many pay-per-view movies as you wish.
The movies can be seen at our web page over embedded Windows Media Player.
Do I need to download any programs? - You do not need any programs in order to see the movies, however for best viewing you should have the latest version of Windows Media Player 9 or 10.  What is the last version depends of your computer system.
To find out if you have latest version of Windows Media Player, please click Here
How good is the quality of the movies and what viewing sizes are available? - Our movies are formatted for best viewing with fast DSL, Cable or T Internet line. The speed varies between 300Kbs - 600Kbs, depends of your Internet connection.  Smart features of our server will adjust the speed accordingly to your Internet connection speed.  Faster Internet speed offers better quality, as any other Internet video formats.
The viewing size originally will be 430x320, which will allow best viewing.  However you will have choices to increase your viewing size, by right click with your mouse on the screen during movie preview and choosing the size you wish.
If you have TV video output on your computer, you may choose to see the movies on your TV, by connecting a cable from TV output on your computer to your TV video input.


What computer system should I have? - Any system compatible to Windows
How much will cost the movie (s) ? - The cost of the movies will vary, depends of the the length and the quality of the movie.  Serial movies will have discount and also other movies, so the best way to see the cost is to visit our movie page bellow for our resent movies cost and promotions.
Is any free movie or video program?  - Video Production Otzvuk will have and already has some free video programs.
What kind of payment system do you have? The fastest way is with our secure credit company - "Pay Pal", where you will be transferred after you choose the movie.  If you do not want to use card, please send check or money order to the address bellow, with you email, phone number and the name of the movie to:
WPBR  Attention - Video Production Otzvuk

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